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Are you undecided as to whether your flooring needs a full restoration or a few repairs followed by sanding and finishing? Is there any difference between these? It can be confusing, so here we’ve made a list of the full range of services offered by the MK16 Milton Keynes floor sanding and finishing experts. Find out more by contacting us to book a free on-site assessment of your flooring.


As wood floor sanding in MK6 Milton Keynes is the service we actually started out with 20 years ago we’ve become pretty good at is, as you can imagine. Our team will arrive and carry out any repairs to the floor and then sand it down with specialist equipment. This will make it nice and smooth to take the finish you’ve picked for it, such as an eco-friendly lacquer, stain or varnish.


When your wooden floor has been neglected and often abused for many years it will naturally not look too good when you eventually lift the carpet. However, at the MK19 Milton Keynes floor sanding and restoration company we have all the experience and tools needed to treat it in the most appropriate way to bring it back to healthy life once more. We’ll assess it and then carry out all the necessary work to give you the floor of your dreams.


Excellent Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Milton KeynesRepairs are a necessary preliminary to getting your Milton Keynes wooden flooring sanded down and finished properly. The gaps have to be filled in, not only to stop noises but to retain heat in the property. Rotten or missing boards and parquet tiles have to be replaced from sustainable sources to get the floor into a suitable condition for subsequent treatments.​


Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Milton KeynesStaining has long been a popular wood floor finishing option for our customers. We’re expert at applying the appropriate finish from our extensive range of eco-friendly products. This is the final stage of wood floor restoration and it gives you the definitive result you’re after. There are many different colours to choose from, from warm, natural, golden glows for bedrooms and living rooms to vibrant colours for kids’ rooms, and really any effect you want!


The finish is the final touch to wood floor rejuvenation. At the Milton Keynes wood floor finishing company we use an eco-friendly range of finishes, from lacquers and waxes to varnishes and stains, to suit all tastes and requirements. Varnishing could be best for high-spillage floors, for example, as it will form a strong seal, whereas for a deeper glow that really brings out the beauty in the wood a stain followed by a wax finish is often preferable.


As parquet flooring is all the rage these days you’ll be excited if you have some in your home or office, and you’ll want to get it looking as good as new again. But parquet tiles are delicate objects and can’t be sanded down in the usual way. Let the Milton Keynes parquet sanding experts treat it properly and you’ll have a great looking floor in next to no time.


Full restoration of parquet flooring is a demanding job. This is because the tiles are delicate and missing or damaged ones need to be replaced appropriately. The bitumen-based glues that builders used to use also need to be taken out and newer glues substituted, which is tricky and demanding work. The Milton Keynes parquet floor restoration experts are used to it, so contact us and we’ll book you down for a free on-site inspection.


Parquet flooring needs specialist treatment to repair it effectively, because of the old adhesives and changes in bonding technology as well as the nature of the tiles themselves. Our Milton Keynes parquet repair teams are used to such time-consuming and demanding work and will be delighted to restore your precious parquet flooring to its original splendour.


Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Milton KeynesOften a wooden floor, a few years after it has been sanded and finished, is in need of a good polish to restore its original shine. We usually recommend that you call us in every two years or so, depending on how much traffic the floor is subjected to, to buff and polish it. Call us to 01908 465 395 find out more about this and general wood floor maintenance.


Most untreated wooden flooring has spaces between the planks. This is fine if all the floor does is support an overlying carpet. However, if you’re restoring your floor you’ll want the gaps filled in to stop creaks and to retain heat in your home and keep the energy bills from shooting up. We do this will specialist eco-friendly sliver and silicon sealants.


You must maintain your new wooden floor on a fairly regular basis so that it stays looking good and provides you with years of attractive service. If you have it buffed and polished every couple of years then you can expect it to look great for at least decade before you need to sand it again. In busy commercial properties an annual polish may be more appropriate.


When new visitors or clients arrive at your office you’ll want them to be impressed, as first impressions always count. Call in the Milton Keynes commercial floor sanding and finishing team to give you a floor to be proud of. We can even do the work outside of normal office hours so that your business functions won’t be impacted too much. ​


We’ll work during school holidays to get your wooden and parquet flooring looking great for the new term, using dust-free equipment and eco-friendly seals and finishes.


Our whole range of finishes and seals is eco-friendly and won’t introduce toxins into your home, school or business environment. We select the right ones according to the nature of the wood and your personal preferences to give you a beautifully finished floor.

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