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Have you got any questions about wood floor sanding and finishing in Milton Keynes MK19? To help you, we’ve made this short list of some of the more common ones we’ve been asked during our 20 years in the business. If yours aren’t amongst them don’t worry – contact us and we’ll be delighted to assist, as well as book your free, no-obligation on-site assessment. ​


Sanding and finishing a wooden floor is no breeze, especially for something like parquet flooring which demands a particularly delicate touch. You can hire a sanding machine from the local store, but be aware that these are not usually the latest models or well maintained either. This means that you can’t expect a very good finish from them even if you’re proficient at DIY.​

The sanding equipment we use in our work is cutting-edge and always maintained in top condition so it gives excellent results every time. Our machines also retain most of the dust they generate and so minimise inconvenience through mess in your home or offices.

Staining is a skill too, and if stains and varnishes are applied inexpertly you can end up with very patchy results, which will mean that your floor will have to be sanded down again from scratch to rectify it. Call in the professionals from the MK16 Milton Keynes floor sanding and finishing company for this sort of work.


For a room of normal size, such as a bathroom, kitchen, living room or a hallway, our Milton Keynes floor sanding teams will take a day to carry out repairs and sanding, and then another day to apply the finish. The floor has to be repaired to make it stable for sanding, and when we replace boards or parquet tiles we do so from sustainable sources wherever possible. Equally, the function of sanding is to strip away the top layers of grime and paint to expose the fresh wood beneath and prepare it for taking the finish you’ve chosen.

When we leave, you’ll need to leave the floor alone for the finish to cure the timbers properly before you can walk on it again or move furniture back in.

If the repairs are unusually extensive, a little more time should be allowed for the job. All this will be made clear to you during the free on-site assessment, so there won’t be any surprises and you’ll know exactly what’s involved before the work actually commences.


Many of our customers simply don’t believe that we can effectively restore some of their flooring in MK6 Milton Keynes, pointing out its messy and decrepit appearance. However, we know from our 20 years of repairing and restoring all types of wooden flooring in the area that very few of them are completely beyond help, so don’t simply assume that yours is one of these.

The filth and layers of old paint that make a wooden floor look so awful and hopeless may in many cases actually be acting as a protective barrier for the fresh, clean wood underneath. When we strip the upper layers off with our state-of-the-art equipment you’ll see how beautiful this underlying wood really is. It’s then simply a matter of applying a suitable finish to make your new floor look like something out of a glossy lifestyle magazine. It was there all along, just waiting to be released!


We aim to keep disruption to your home or business right down to a bare minimum. In the case of commercial properties we can even work outside of office hours, and for schools we can do the job during holidays.

Our sanding machines generate very little dust and we seal off other rooms whilst we work. We also do a comprehensive clean-up before we leave, so mess and disruption are not things you need worry about.

If you have any other questions just contact us and speak to one of our friendly advisors. They’ll book you in for a free on-site assessment and supply you with any other information you require.

Give us a call if you have any other questions, and to book a free on-site assessment.

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