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How It Works?

How it Works?

Are you considering having a wood floor restoration in Milton Keynes but are not sure how to get started? For all commercial and residential properties in MK16 Milton Keynes, call the professionals at the Milton Keynes floor sanding company and let them bring out the beauty in your natural wooden flooring. Here we’ve written a quick guide of what you can expect and of how the whole process works.​


It kicks off when you contact us at the Milton Keynes MK6 floor sanding and restoration experts and speak with a friendly advisor, who will be delighted to answer all your questions. They’ll also book you down for a free, no-obligation on-site assessment at your property.

Take a look through some of our customer Testimonials while you wait for the assessor to arrive, to see what other people in Milton Keynes MK19 are saying about the Milton Keynes floor sanding experts.

On the day our expert assessor visits your property, your flooring will be checked thoroughly for damage such as rotten floorboards and missing parquet, and you’ll be able to have an in-depth discussion about the effects you want for your new floor.


You’ll then be handed a quote, which will be what you pay when the job is done with absolutely no additions. We guarantee that you will pay not a penny more than this and that there will be no hidden extras or unpleasant surprises waiting in store for you. We don’t like nasty surprises, and we know you don’t either!​


At the appointed time, our Milton Keynes floor sanding and finishing team will arrive and stabilise the floor before sanding it. This means essentially preserving its integrity by nailing down loose boards and replacing damaged ones. After that, they’ll use dust-retaining machinery to sand it all smoothly down and then apply a finish such as wax or varnish. Then you’ll get your free cleaning kit and that will be that!

Check out our online Gallery to see how other customers in Milton Keynes have transformed their flooring, and contact us to book your free on-site inspection and to have all your questions answered.

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